Sustainability is a guiding principle for KUUN.

For the production of our glassware, we work as much as possible with renewable energy. For example, the entire collection is made of recycled glass. But it goes even further. In Mexico, a lot of oil is used in the kitchen. Therefore, our glass workshop collects used vegetable oil in local restaurants and bars and convert it into fuel for the ovens.

The KUUN collection is made with passion on a small scale. I consciously choose not to overproduce, with surpluses ending up in some rubbish dump, but to produce a quantity that is adapted to the demand.


I also apply this principle to the packaging. I am a big fan of online shopping, but my heart bleeds when I see the large numbers of shipping boxes that circulate for this purpose. That is why I chose to pack my orders in used boxes and pimp them with decorative details. My dream is that all brands will start doing this and that it will become the new normal.


Sustainability also translates into the way I deal with the people I work with: I want to bring a story that makes sense: a beautiful collection made in honest conditions for people who, like me, care about an honest quality lifestyle.