As I am an adept of appreciation of beauty in life, it will not surprise I like to present the KUUN objects as an art collection.


In my pictures I try to create a moment of serenity enabling you to appreciate the pureness of the design.


I  challenge you to take the time to really look at the glasses and to perceive beauty in art and nature, along with the emotional responses to beauty.

When founding KUUN creating a positive social impact was key to me.


When you’re a small business it’s not always easy but we’re all responsible to make sure that workers and the environment are looked after.

I believe in a healthy world the day after tomorrow.


Glass studios around the world are facing a problem of not only sustainability of the craft but also of financial sustainability due to rising fuel costs.


Our supplying glass studio experiments continuously with new techniques to lower negative impact on the environment.


Inspired by this collaboration sustainability grew out to the third brand value of KUUN.


 "Choose. And keep (buy) only those things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy.”

@Marie Kondo


“Social design implies a higher purchase and selling cost but the return on investment is priceless: a genuine lifestyle for both artisans and clients.”



"KUUN is proud to work with designers and artisans taking sustainable design to the next level.”