The round glass suits perfect for serving sorbets, smoothies, or to decorate the table …


Our premium collection of hand-blown glassware is trending among high-end cocktail bars and restaurants worldwide. IIt stands out by its organic design, its remarkable transparency and its brilliant colors. Dishwasher resistant and vailable in mutiple brilliant colors and sizes.

Round hand-blown glass

    • Dimensions: 8,5cm (diameter) x 7,5cm (h)
    • Volume: 300 ml
    • Dishwasher safe: the glasses never lose their shine or color as the color pigments are burned in the glasses themselves.
    • Hand-blown: each piece is made without the use of a mold. Each glass is unique, made with passion.
    • Light & comfortable to hold: the glasses are of high quality and can take a beating.
    • Sustainable: the glasses are made of recycled glass collected at the local communities in Mexico. The production chain stands out by an ecosystem of recycling energy.
    • Ethically responsible: the employees work in good conditions against a fair wage.